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EcoSpace Modular was founded on the premise of industry expertise. Our team members have extensive experience in all facets of modular construction and are recognized as experts in the construction field. The staff will ensure a flawless execution for all your commercial, multi-family and single-family demands. With over 100 years of combined experience in the modular and traditional construction building process, we are well positioned to ensure highly successful results for your next project. The EcoSpace team has successfully executed LEED projects that have been certified LEED Platinum, Gold, and Silver. CALL (609) 594-5577



Multi-Family modular construction can get more families into highly efficient, quality homes much faster than with traditional construction methods because site-work and factory construction occur concurrently, reducing construction timelines by 40%.


From single dormitories to complete campuses, permanent modular construction offers public, private, and charter schools what other construction methods cannot: accelerated project timelines, more economical pricing, and less disruption.


Modular is an extremely efficient method of construction, making it an excellent choice for larger buildings such as Hotels. In the modular construction process and site preparation are done simultaneously, there is a significantly reduced overall construction timeline

Health Care

The insight EcoSpace Modular and it’s partners have from designing and building medical facilities has resulted in satisfied healthcare professionals the world over. Permanent modular buildings can be custom built to the tightest budgets while maintaining strict medical and aesthetic specifications.

Single Family Housing

Because modular homes are built in factories, manufacturers are able to utilize tools unavailable to the site builder such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb. In addition, significantly reduced overall construction timeline.

Assisted Living

The demand for assisted living and medical facilities has risen greatly over the years do to baby-boom population. Modular construction has the ability to construct these facilities much faster, given them a distinct advantage over using traditional building methods. Taken advantage of accelerated project timelines, more economical pricing, and less disruption.

About EcoSpace Modular

As a Nationwide General Contractor specializing in modular construction EcoSpace has built our company upon the business model of integrity and quality first and foremost. We have developed a partnering style of business that creates an environment between the owner/developer and the EcoSpace /Modular manufacturing team that allows for open communications. This open atmosphere led by the EcoSpace management staff minimizes confusion between all key stakeholders and produces a streamlined and accurate project from design to occupancy. The reputation EcoSpace has gained from this business model is one of professionalism and client care that is not exceeded. We have made it our goal to achieve a 100% client satisfaction solution. EcoSpace utilizes state of the art project management and collaboration technology to engage all stakeholders on a “real time” basis. This state of the art technology only enhances the integrity that is timeless and unchanging. Combined the technologies of today and the integrity that has no age EcoSpace will make this and every project we complete for you stress-free.     CALL (609) 594-5577 TODAY.


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